Image of No Rompas Mas Mi Pobre Corazón

No Rompas Mas Mi Pobre Corazón


The cover page of this zine is printed on a blue colored page and accented with specks of gold paint.

No Rompas Mas Mi Pobre Corazón is a zine about romantic love, heartbreak, relationships, situationships, learning, unlearning, and all the vulnerability in between. It is divided in three parts, Amorcito Corazón (love), Por Tu Maldito Amor (heartbreak), and Amor Eterno (learning & self love). Over fifty amazingly talented contributors helped make this possible. This zine is dedicated to all who have felt butterflies in their stomach, knot in your throat heartache, and blissful self love. This creation was made to inspire, to love, and to help us heal.